Dog Bites

Dog bites can be extremely traumatic injuries. Not only can a severe bite result in a disabling and disfiguring injury, but a dog attack can also lead to psychological injuries as well. This is especially true with attacks on children.

What to Do When a Dog Bites

Establishing liability in a dog bite case is paramount. The fact that a dog has bitten someone is insufficient to hold the owner liable for the injuries. Early investigation of the incident is mandatory. Establishing that a dog has a history of either biting or being vicious is important in developing a case. Neighbors, delivery persons (particularly mail delivery), and even veterinarians should be interviewed to determine if the dog has a history of biting and if the owner was on notice that the dog was likely to bite.

Where the dog bite happened is also important. The Austin leash ordinance requires dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash unless the dog is at one of Austin’s off-leash dog parks. While the City of Westlake does not have a leash ordinance identical to Austin’s, there is a Westlake animal control ordinance. Many of the neighborhood homeowners associations also have leash ordinances.

For more information and resources about dog bites, injuries check out this Website:  Dog Bite Law.